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As a Master of Law (LL.M.), NLP and Hypnosis, Vanessa Kabore, LEYA has over 10 years of expertise in mindsets change and capacity building developed in Ontario, Quebec, Togo, Nigeria, and Burkina Faso. Her areas of expertise includes, but is not limited to, issues of accountability and personal and professional development, easing tensions and resolving conflicts, stakeholders collaboration and engagement, public protection related to the conduct of members of regulated professions, victim protection in relation to physical and psychological harm, compliance auditing, monitoring and law enforcement, conducting neutral investigations, handling complaints, impartially, making informed decisions, risk, business and customer service management, communication and interpersonal relations, labour relations and human resources, matters of bullying, moral and sexual harassment, challenges of discrimination, and racism. Vanessa Kabore holds a bachelor's (Paris Nanterre University) and master's degree in law (Laval University), NLP and hypnosis diplomas, including being a Certified Master Practitioner, certificates in pranic healing, shamanism and more. She worked as a Consultant and Trainer in organizational transformation for Fulgence Law Firm. Vanessa Kabore has worked as a Jurist in law firms, as an Commissioner Investigator at the  Chambre de la sécurité financière (CSF), as a Deputy Prosecutor  and Legal Officer-Analyst at the Organisme du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACIQ), as well as a Human Rights and Equity Advisor at Conseil scolaire catholique Providence (Csc Providence). Vanessa Kabore is the Founding CEO of LEYA, social company established in 2016She is also the author, narrator, and editor of the spiritual growth and self-help French book published in Canada, in the spring of 2022, La réponse est dans le comportement : les 48 clés du bien-être le plus élevé [The Answer Is in the Behavior: The 48 Keys to the Highest Well-Being]. As a shaman and medium, she gives French readings, passing on key messages of healing from the Universe and deceasedHer next French book, La Foi de croire en la voix et à la volonté de Dieu : l'aventure amoureuse d’une vieille âme noire flamme jumelle [The Faith to Trust the Way and Will of God : The Love Adventure of an Old Black Soul Twin Flame], will soon be available to the public. It will also be available in English as soon as possible. 

Portrait en position assise de Vanessa Kaboré souriante, dans une robe rose.

 The Twin Flame Life Journey of Vanessa Kabore, LEYA, Master of Law, NLP and Hypnosis 

The stories behind the founding of her company LEYA, the French concept LEs Yeux de l'Amour, and the English one Eyes of Love 
Portrait en position assise de Vanessa Kaboré souriante, dans une robe rose.

Vanessa Kabore founded LEYA and the French concept LEs Yeux de l'Amour in July 2016 following her encounter with her twin flame in January 2014. Vanessa Kabore added the English version Eyes of Love after her encounter with one of her spiritual warriors of May 2020. Yes, the development of Vanessa Kabore and LEYA could be the subject of a book in its own right, on soul ties, karmic relationships, past lives, parallel lives, mastery of gifts, talents and extrasensory perceptions. Punctuated by opportunities for growth and challenges, Vanessa Kabore's life path is characterised by perpetual movement.

Portrait tête-épaules de Vanessa Kaboré.
Portrait en position assise de Vanessa Kaboré souriante, dans une robe rose.

Vanessa Kabore uses her skills as a jurist/legal counsel, her expertise in investigation, questioning, interview, compliance, ethics, and professional conduct, as well as those of Master practitioner in NLP and hypnosis for the purpose of awakening, awareness, accountability, liberation, reinforce and changeCreator of the concept of the highest well-being and experiencing the best with others, Vanessa Kabore focuses her educational activities on the management of limiting beliefs and emotions. They aim at getting out of generalizations, illusions, confusions, insecurities, and masks that shape the personality, to gain discernment in the face of conscious and unconscious traumas of the past as well as to develop its capacity to be neutral, improve communication, interpersonal relations, and quality of services

© Vanessa Kabore, LEYA  

Vanessa Kaboré & LEYA LEs Yeux de l'Amour Livre La réponse est dans
Portrait en position assise de Vanessa Kaboré souriante, dans une robe rose.

Vanessa Kabore uses her capacities and gifts as a shaman and medium for holistic approach of personal development, professional development, spirituality and healing. Her key messages of healing from the Universe and the deceased are given by the highest energies and spirits. Rather than seeing and predicting the future in itself, it is about meeting the needs of the soul and overcoming the ego's traps. Our future is changing according to the behaviors we adopt at each moment.

© Vanessa Kabore, LEYA  

Portrait en position debout de Vanessa Kaboré dans une robe bleu-turquoise
On sale at Dymocks, La réponse est dans le comportement [The Answer Is in the Behavior], Vanessa Kabore's French paperback book is for people seeking higher levels of acceptance, recognition, understanding, self-worth, and self-realization. Its direct, immediate, and ongoing impact will depend on the levels of well-being and awareness existing at the time of its reading or listening. Moreover, its short, medium, and long-term scope will vary according to the ways and speeds of integration of keys presented, as well as the particularities of the life path concerned.
Vanessa Kabore has over 10 years of experience in mindsets change and capacity building developed in Quebec, Ontario, Burkina Faso, Togo, and Nigeria. She uses her skills for the purpose of awakening, awareness, accountability and liberation. Honest, reeliable and responsible, she shines for her great spirituality. She also stands out for her unique abilities to be authentic, subtle, objective, and subjective. Vanessa Kabore holds a Master's in Law, as well as a diploma of Master Practitioner certified in NLP and hypnosis, so she has a legal and social psychology background.
In her role as a Human Rights Advisor at the Csc Providence, Vanessa Kabore has been able to provoke leaps of awareness and transformations in staff members: "I had never been asked the question like this," "I wouldn't have reacted like this before," "I'm disempowering him by doing this," "I hadn't thought about doing things on my own," "Your leadership is inspiring and your values are profound," "You are there to clear my thoughts," "I'm shaken up by the news of your departure, I would like to discern my next steps."
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