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Un groupe de personnes aux origines diverses, soudé, main dans la main.


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Un public assis composé de personnes aux origines diverses, heureuses qui applaudissent

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Spiritual growth by Vanessa Kabore, LEYA

For sale on Adlibris, Vanessa Kabore's French book La réponse est dans le comportement [The Answer Is in the Behavior] is for people seeking higher levels of acceptance, recognition, understanding, self-worth, and self-realization. Its direct, immediate, and ongoing impact will depend on the levels of well-being and awareness existing at the time of its reading or listening. Moreover, its short, medium, and long-term scope will vary according to the ways and speeds of integration of keys presented, as well as the particularities of the life path concerned.
Vanessa Kabore has over 10 years of experience in mindsets change and capacity building developed in Quebec, Ontario, Burkina Faso, Togo, and Nigeria. She uses her skills for the purpose of awakening, awareness, accountability and liberation. Honest, reliable and responsible, she shines for her great spirituality. She also stands out for her unique abilities to be authentic, subtle, objective, and subjective. Vanessa Kabore holds a Master's in Law, as well as a diploma of Master Practitioner certified in NLP and hypnosis, so she has a legal and social psychology background.
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