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Other client testimonials on the impact of the work of Vanessa Kabore, LEYA, Master of Law, NLP and Hypnosis are also available here.

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This French video is from a therapeutic hypnosis and NLP life coaching group session performed at the French Institute of Togo in West Africa. It offers two customer testimonies of concrete results on the highest level of well-being from Vanessa Kabore, LEYA, francophone author, narrator and editor, social entrepreneur in mindsets change, capacity building and spirituality. A first participant shared her experience with the others by sharing the following testimonial: "you will see things you never imagined you would see, you will feel better, feel things and change your behavior. It's immediate! You will see as Afi said, from the moment you leave the room, see things change in you." A second participant also shared her experience with other group members by giving the following testimony: "before the conference, the workshop last month, I was still in a phase of reprogramming my person, I was coming out of a depression and I was trying to move forward little by little, but after the session last time, I felt more relaxed, I was enjoying myself, I was making my fuss, which I had stopped doing a long time ago, there I was enjoying myself, whether physically, emotionally and everything."


Vanessa Kabore's offer in leadership development, self-help, professional development, spirituality and healing covers the publication of LEYA moments, the publication of analyses and articles on social issues, the editing, writing, adaptation and narration of the French paperback book, audiobook and eBook La réponse est dans le comportement : les 48 clés du bien-être le plus élevé [The Answer Is in the Behavior: The 48 Keys to the Highest Well-Being], the broadcasting of readings videos of key healing messages from the Universe and deceased, the performance of conferences, coaching and therapeutic hypnosis sessions and a very specific energetic cleaning service. Since the creation of LEYA in 2016, Vanessa Kabore has written almost 200 LEYA moments as well as some fifteen articles relating to the investigation and protection of victims and the public, the blessing of true love, the blood and soul ties, the faith of believing in the way and the will of God, the Universe, empowerment and disempowerment, human rights, mental operations in justice or law enforcement, equity and inclusive education, respect, self-integrity and more. Since the release of her book in 2022 on Amazon, Audible, Apple Books, Google Play, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Indigo and Fnac, Vanessa Kabore has seen the number of retailers for La réponse est dans le comportement continue to multiply around the world. Vanessa Kabore's expertise is available to French-speaking readers and listeners in Africa, Europe, America, Asia and Oceania, in online bookshops and e-commerce stores, in print-on-demand for the paperback format and as instant downloads for the digital versions. In print and/or digital format, the ebook is available in the Netherlands, at Zoekeenboek, Athenaeum Boekhandel and Donner, in  Denmark from Boegreolen, in Japan at Kinokuniya and in Turkey Bookstore D & R. The e-commerce company Fishpond in New Zealand and Australia also sells Vanessa Kaboré's French paperback book of the series La spiritualité en santé bien-être, La réponse est dans le comportement. The Australian bookstore chain Dymocks does too. The French audiobook La réponse est dans le comportement : les 48 clés du bien-être le plus élevé [The Answer Is in the Behavior: The 48 Keys to the Highest Well-Being]  is for sale in UK, on Everand, The Telegraph Bookshop and Speedy Hen,  in Canada at Brockville Public Library, Newmarket Public LibraryCarleton Place Public LibraryWhitby Public LibraryBrant County Public LibraryNOLS North Olympic Library SystemAudiobooks.netIn the United States, the audiobook is available from Thriftbooks, Santa Clara City Library, Canton Public Library, Jefferson County Public Library, St. Joe County Public Library, Saline County Library, Decatur TX et Daviess County Public Library,  Greene County Public Library, Metropolitan Library System. Through her social enterprise LEYA, Vanessa Kabore, Master of Law, NLP and Hypnosis, brings adults and young people to higher levels of well-being and awareness. Her solid technical and practical skills in mindsets change and capacity building have enabled her to work with general practitioners, occupational physicians and diabetologists.

For sale on Wordery, La réponse est dans le comportement : les 48 clés du bien-être le plus élevé [The Answer Is in the Behavior: The 48 Keys to the Highest Well-Being], Vanessa Kabore's French book is for people seeking higher levels of acceptance, recognition, understanding, self-worth, and self-realization. Its direct, immediate, and ongoing impact will depend on the levels of well-being and awareness existing at the time of its reading or listening. Moreover, its short, medium, and long-term scope will vary according to the ways and speeds of integration of keys presented, as well as the particularities of the life path concerned.
Vanessa Kabore has over 10 years of experience in mindsets change and capacity building developed in Quebec, Ontario, Burkina Faso, Togo, and Nigeria. She uses her skills for the purpose of awakening, awareness, accountability and liberation. Honest, reliable and responsible, she shines for her great spirituality. She also stands out for her unique abilities to be authentic, subtle, objective, and subjective. Vanessa Kabore holds a Master's in Law, as well as a diploma of Master Practitioner certified in NLP and hypnosis, so she has a legal and social psychology background.
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